Oil & Gas Castings Components

Mangal Iron is one of the most respected reliable company for castings for oil & gas Petrochemical industry. Investment casting is turning out to be very valuable and efficient for a plenty of reasons. Therefore, the demand of the castings is increasing quite rapidly. To meet the increasing demand of the castings and casting components, like the oil & gas castings components etc. we are constantly increasing our capacity to manufacture high volume of good quality castings and castings components. Castings are used extensively in several industries across the world, including the Petrochemicals industry. However, a wide range of castings as well as components are manufactured to meet the specific needs of a certain industry.

Investment Castings for Petrochemical Industry

Castings are used widely in a range of different industries, including the Oli and Gas or the Petrochemicals industry. We manufacture a wide range of components, cast pieces or castings for the petrochemical industry. Mostly, steel alloys are used in the Petrochemicals industry, hence, we offer various types of investment castings and components made using steel alloys. The Castings manufactured by us are hard and can withstand tough conditions, like high corrosion and heat. Our investment castings for Petrochemical industry as well as the Oil & Gas castings components are extremely durable as they can handle long-term exposure to tough environments, temperatures as well as the caustic conditions, like petrochemical processes.

As our team uses the lost wax technique to make the castings, the castings are highly capable of handling heat, corrosion etc. The components made using the steel alloys are corrosion as well as heat resistant.

Here’re a few of the top reasons to buy castings for Petrochemical industry from us:

Our Castings are strong and sturdy as they are made using top quality material, including, carbon steel, super alloys, nickel base castings:

One of the prime reasons to buy castings from us is that we make the castings from the finest quality raw material. We use only certified and tested raw material to make the castings and oil & gas castings components. The strength of the casting is reliant on the quality of the raw material used. Hence, we make sure that all the raw material are very well tested in our in house lab or outsourced through certified laboratories, we only buy raw material from trusted vendors who supply strong and durable material to us.

Additionally, we also make sure that we use a certain type of alloys for making the castings for Petrochemical industry and other industries. All the oil & gas castings components as well as the castings are made using certified, tested and fine quality alloys. We make sure that we find out some of the topmost alloy suppliers in the market to buy topnotch alloy from them to make strong castings.

Castings That Last Long

All the investment castings for Petrochemical industry and the other castings, as well as the oil & gas castings components that we manufacture for the clients are of the utmost quality. The castings are highly durable; therefore, the clients are able to use the castings and the components for long time. They can rely on the castings because they are made using solid material. Castings add more value to the things they are added to. As casting requires a certain level of investment as well, therefore, every client wants to buy castings that fit into their budget. Therefore, our main aim is to make sure that we offer castings and components to the clients that are strong and durable with near net shape having minimal machining allowances so that the client doesn’t have to invest again and again on the casting or components.

Get Maximum Benefits from our Castings

Castings and casting components are often considered a little bit high on price. However, Mangal Iron aims to produce castings and components that are affordable. We want to make sure that we are able to offer the castings to the clients at suitable rates. Although, we leave no stone unturned to produce high-quality castings and components but we also never compromise on the quality of the castings or the casting components.

Our team constantly studies the casting industry to collect the necessary data related to the current cost trends. Based on the research and analysis, we decide the cost of the casting and components that we manufacture. Also, we keep analyzing the cost trends to modify the pricing of the products if needed. Most importantly, we can also discuss the specific or customized requirements of the clients and offer them the plans, products and services based on their needs.

If you want to know more about the castings for the Petrochemical industry or the Oil & Gas casting components, please feel free to contact our team, we will be more than happy to answer your casting related questions. We will also be glad to guide you to buy the suitable type and category of casting and components as per the requirements of your industry.