Steel Castings Company

Mangal Iron, one of the leading Steel castings company is supplying a wide range of good quality steel castings in India to several clients in the country. We have a very advanced steel castings foundry for the SS castings in India. Mangal Iron is a reliable and trustworthy steel castings manufacturer. We have an extensive experience of making a wide range of top-quality lost wax investment castings for the clients. Our team uses a plenty of different types of alloys to make the investment castings for several industries across the country. One of the most prominent reasons that have made us a top choice of the industry is that we are very proud to offer ISO 9001:2008 quality products to the clients.

Steel Castings Foundry by Mangal Iron

Investment casting is a special process that has several uses. It has unlimited potential, therefore, SS castings in India are high in demand. Mangal Iron understand the eminence of the investment casting, and we guide the clients to make the most of the investment castings. Our team continuously empowers the companies to unveil the immense potential of investment castings. There are multiple applications of steel castings and a plenty of new and interesting applications are introduced with time. Precision castings is turning out to be very valuable in today's lean and price conscious manufacturing world.

Steel Casting is used in various industries for a wider range of purposes. However, only good quality steel casting manufactured using top-quality and certified raw material turns out to be valuable for the companies. Steel casting which is made using the latest technology is preferred extensively by the companies. Therefore, as one of the topmost steel castings company, we make sure that we procure raw materials from some of the best vendors in the market. We keep testing the material as well as the end product to make sure that only certified and tested product reaches the end user. Our steel casting is not only high on quality, but it is also very strong and reliable. It is very durable and can be used for extended periods of time.

Reasons to Get SS Castings India from Us:

Mangal Iron is considered one of the best steel castings company in the country. We offer good quality SS castings in India, and along with that, we also offer dedicated services to the clients. Our team is available for all kinds of technical support as well as design assistance related to the steel castings. Irrespective of the quantity of the steel castings that the client has bought from us, we offer the similar services to all, whether a client has bought just a few castings or a huge volume of the steel castings.

Customized products and services: Just as the Clients would Want

Mangal Iron’s team believes in catering to the specific needs of the customers related to steel investment castings. We are very flexible to the requirements and demand of the clients. Our casting experts gather all the required information from the clients to provide effective plans. We offer efficient products and services that turn out to be very useful for the companies.

We aim to have a long-lasting relationship with the clients. We offer a high quality of products as well as services to the companies so that the customers can trust us and partner with us for long time. Our experts work very closely with the clients and their team to make sure that we are able to provide products that turn out to be extremely useful.

State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The world is transforming with the new-age technology. Mangal Iron also believes in utilizing the latest technology to manufacture and supply topnotch SS castings in India. Our steel castings foundry is enriched with cutting-edge tools and technology. We are committed to innovate consistently to offer advanced products to the clients. Also, by using the latest technology, we are able to produce the castings at a quick pace. Our team is capable of offering modern services like NDT testing, 3D Designing, Process Recommendation, Machining, Rapid Prototyping and many more.

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