General Engineering Castings

General engineering castings are used for specific purposes. Mangal Iron is a popular manufacturer and supplier of general engineering castings. We have a wide experience of providing these castings to many industries. Being one of the finest investments and precision casting company, we have acquired all the capabilities needed to make useful castings for the industries. We have the right machinery and tools that are needed for engineering product castings. Also, we have in house team of expert resources who use the best of techniques and methods to make high-grade castings.

For general engineering castings, several metals could be used. However, we, at Mangal Iron only use high-quality metals. Some of the commonly used metals include, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel, super alloys, cast iron, and all types of ferrous metals and alloys, we also make nonferrous alloys like: aluminum, brass, and other nonferrous metals and alloys. We have also gained all the expertise to make all types of engineering product castings. A few of the top industries that use general engineering castings are Chemical Processing, Oil Refineries, Oil and Gas Industries, Power Generation, Steel & Aluminum Production & Processing, Aerospace, Railway & Transportation, Mining & Crusher Plant, Press Tooling, Automotive Tooling, Food Processing, Gear and Transmission Industries, Marine Engineering, Renewable Energy & Wave Power, Military, Construction etc.

Engineering Product Castings by Mangal Iron

Mangal Iron has several teams and departments, including a highly skilled design team that uses the best of software and tools to configure the casting designs. The main aim of the designs is to boost the production efficiency of the industry where the castings will be used. Also, we aim to make only high-quality castings. We can design and plan the production of new general engineering castings, or if you already have some specific requirements, our team can cater to those engineering product castings requirements as well.

We want the clients to get maximum benefits from the castings.

Our main objective is to make high-quality and cost-effective castings for the industries. We also cater to customized requirements or demands of our clients for general engineering castings. We have team who understand the engineering product casting requirements of the clients. After understanding the requirements, we strategize and propose a plan. Based on the discussions with the clients we execute the plan. After all, our main objective is to satisfy the client by providing flawless products and services.

Investment and precision casting are popular manufacturing techniques. Investment casting is being done from a very long time. Mangal Iron has been in the casting industry from a very long time too and we have been using the best processes and procedures to make high-class castings for different industries. We keep evolving out techniques and manufacturing setup to make more advanced castings for the industries. Be it, general engineering castings, pump castings or any other type of castings, we leave no stone unturned to deliver top-class product to the client.

Our Constant Assessments Help us Deliver Excellence

We have also invested in setting up the quality checking processes in place. All the materials or mostly the metals that we use for making castings are quality checked. Also, our products go through stringent quality checks before reaching the client. We have a trained and experienced testing team that follows the required standards to quality check the products and ensure that only immaculate products reach the customer.

If you want to know more about general engineering castings or any other castings that we manufacture and supply, please feel free to let us know your requirements.