Investment Castings for Pump Components

Mangal Iron is one of the prime pump casting manufacturers of the country. We have huge amount of experience in making high-quality pump castings parts and investment castings for pump components for different industries. Pumps are used in a wide range of industries, therefore, there is no doubt that pump castings parts are also used extensively. There are several varieties of pumps in the world, including, process pumps, screwed pumps, rotary lobe pumps, gear pumps, submersible pumps, rotary pumps, centrifugal pumps, diaphragm pumps and many others. We have the right manufacturing setup in place to make investment castings for pumps.

Investment Castings for Pumps with Top-Class Material

We have been using high-quality materials for castings, like, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, super alloys, carbon steel, brass, & aluminum. We use precision engineering techniques for investment castings. The pump castings made by us are used in several pump industries, like, hydro power plants, chemical plant, firefighting assemblies, oil & gas, sewage treatments, food processing etc. Also, we have the right capabilities to make first-class impellers for the pump castings.

We make Machined Castings

Being one of the top pump castings manufacturers in the country, we have been focusing on using the best practices to make a castings in different shapes and sizes for our clients. We have all that you would need for the pump. Our main aim is to offer reliable pump casting parts so that the longevity of the pump increases. As pumps are integral part of the industries, thus, the castings have to be topnotch too.

Reasons To Choose Mangal Iron For Pump Casting Parts:

Our Castings are Ready to Use: Our main priority is to make high-quality investment castings for pump components that also last long. Pumps are an integral part of any industry, as the functioning of several machineries is reliant on the effective working of the pumps. Therefore, we understand the importance of having the best quality investment castings for pumps.

We use a series of processes to ensure that we meet all the required quality guidelines. Also, we have acquired all the required certifications that are needed to make the pump casting parts. Starting from making a high-quality internal impeller, the main pump volute casing, or housing part of a pump, to all the other parts needed for pump castings, we have the capabilities to manufacture everything that’s needed to deliver topnotch castings for pump components.

Certifications and Standardization: All our products have ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and they fulfill international quality standards. We have acquired the required certifications needed to make and supply pump investment castings or pump parts castings to several industries. Apart from having the certifications for making pump castings, we also ensure that all the materials and processes that we use to make the castings are standardized. We also follow testing methodologies to test the pump castings before they reach the client.

Modern Manufacturing Setups: We have cutting-edge technology and modern manufacturing setups to make investment castings for pump components. Our team keeps upgrading the technology and adopting new technology to make sure that we are able to make the latest investment castings for pump components. We keep a close eye on the latest industry trends and techniques and adopt them to manufacture the advanced castings for pumps for the industries.

Competitive Pricing and Others: We plan our manufacturing smartly so that we are able to deliver good quality products at competitive prices. Our team explores the castings for pumps industry carefully before setting the prices. Additionally, we also offer customized services to our clients. If you have any specific requirements, you can contact our team and we will be more than happy to understand your requirements and help you with the best possible solution.

We understand the Clients Needs.

Our motive is to always offer great customer experience. We believe in offering exactly what the clients need. Our team leaves no stone unturned to understand the exact requirements of the clients so that we are able to strategize and deliver first-rate products to the clients. Therefore, we have some great partnerships with our clients. Our clients like to work with us for a long time as they trust us with our services and products. We have gained a reputation of being one of the finest pump castings manufacturers in the country as we have been delivering first-class investment castings for pumps to various industries. Our main aim is to offer flawless services and products to the clients to ease their work.

We, at Mangal Iron are known to provide investment castings to a wide range of industries at competitive pricings. Our castings help the industries to function even better. We also believe in constantly upgrading our products and the services. If you would like to know more about investment castings for pump components or any other product that we make, please feel free to contact us.