Investment Castings India

Mangal Iron is one of the topmost Investment casting foundries in India. Being a topmost Investment casting foundry, we supply good quality castings to many industries. In fact, we are also recognized as one of the best investment casting exporters as we supply good quality castings to many companies across the world as well. Investment casting is used in various industries, like Petrochemicals, Construction, Chemical, Automotive, Engineering and many more. As the demand of good quality investment casting is increasing quite rapidly, therefore, we are boosting our capabilities to manufacture high volume of the castings for a wide range of clients across the world. We also make casting components, for the Oil and Gas, Food, Petrochemical, Automotive, Fluid flow, General engineering, Defense and many more.

Investment Castings Foundries by Mangal Iron

Investment casting is also called as a lost wax casting process. Although, lost wax is a very old process, it has been evolved in many ways. It was primarily used to manufacture decorative items, jewelry etc. Afterwards, several applications of investment casting have been identified. The process of investment casting involves the use of precision engineering techniques. It is used by the investment casting foundries to produce intricate castings with excellent smooth finishing.

Investment castings India is used in several industries and it has various uses and applications. Mangal Iron, one of the topmost investment casting exporters uses the latest techniques to make casting components for various companies. As a leading investment casting foundry, we make the most of the cutting-edge techniques to produce the castings. Our castings are recognized worldwide because of a wide range of features and properties that make them apt to be used in several industries.

Listed below are some of the top reasons that make Mangal Iron one of the most preferred Investment casting Foundry of the country:

Cutting-Edge Techniques and Highly Skilled Casting Experts

Investment casting is an intricate process that involves a set of techniques and methods. We make the original wax patterns using the latest technology. Then, the same are coated with refractories. Afterwards, we use modern technology to develop successive layers until a powerful shell covers the model. Then, the wax is melted out using the dewaxing process. Then the molten metal like steel, carbon steel, duplex steel, super alloys, bronze, aluminum or any other types of ferrous & nonferrous metal is poured into the mold. This is done to make an ideal replica or duplicate of the original wax pattern.

As there are so many processes involved, we make sure that we keep upgrading the technology to make good quality casts at a quick pace. The process of investment casting is economically viable. It provides high definition as well as detailed and smooth finishing. We make super alloys investment casting, nickel base/brass/aluminum/ copper/ cobalt investment castings and many more.

We deliver casting and components at a fast speed

Mangal Iron aims to fulfill the requirements of the clients. We make sure that we are able to cater to the needs and demand of the clients. Most importantly, we deliver products at a quick pace. As we use the latest technology and techniques, hence, we are able to manufacture casting and components at a fast pace. This makes us one of the topmost investment castings foundries of the country. Being one of the leading investment castings exporters, we keep upgrading our manufacturing unit to deliver better quality casts and components.

Our castings are very efficient and can be used in many industries. Our cutting-edge manufacturing setup empowers us to deliver products quickly and efficiently. We also have a trained and experiences team of experts that leave no stone unturned to offer castings and components on time.

We offer guidance and support to the client

We have an inhouse team of investment casting experts. Many clients feel free to reach out to our team to get the guidance needed to buy the most suitable investment castings for their needs. Our team is available to offer you the support that you need to buy the ideal casts for your industry to serve your needs. Even if you are new to the industry, we will be more than happy to educate you on the process of investment casting and components.

Listed above are only a few of the top reasons to choose us for investment casting. Other than the reasons listed above as well, there are many more that make us one of the leading investment casting foundries in the country. We aim to deliver high-quality investment casting to the clients at a quick pace and suitable prices. Also, our main focus is to use the latest tools and techniques to make the investment castings.

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