Investment Castings for Valve Components

Mangal Iron Pvt. Ltd. is one of the prime manufacturers of investment castings for valve industry, valve parts castings or investment castings for valve components. We have an extensive experience of making castings for valves that are used in several industries. Valves are used extensively in a wide range of industries for different uses. Basically, the main purpose of a valve is to alter the passage section as well as the direction of the flow of a medium. Castings for valves or valve components are the components fixed in the pipeline fluid delivery systems. There are several varieties, shapes and sizes of valves and castings for valves and we have been manufacturing a plenty of them.

Materials used to make Valves

Steel, especially high carbon steel is one of the topmost elements that are used for the manufacturing of valves and vale castings. Valves made using steel are strong and reliable. They have the capabilities to endure internal pressure.

Several alloys are also used to make valves. Many valves are manufactured using the combination of different metallic elements. For example, alloy steel. Along with the alloy steel, nickel base alloy and coper base alloy are also commonly used to make the valves.

Types of Valves

1. Check Valves

Check valve is also known as a non-return valve. It prevents the back-flow in the piping. The valves constantly keep the fluid flowing in one direction. They mostly function automatically.

3. Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve has a wing-like action of the disc that moves at the right angles to the flow. It has a seating surface. We make a wide range of butterfly valves.

2. Ball Valves

Ball valves have superb operating characteristics. We make ball valves in several shapes and sizes.

Reasons To Partner With Us For Valve Parts Castings

Mangal Iron’s main objective is to offer precision valve parts castings for a wide range of fluid handling applications. Investment castings for valve components are also used in the hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. As an organization that has a wide experience in the castings industry, we have been using latest investment casting methodologies to make Investment castings for valve industry.

High-Quality Material for Investment Castings for Valve Components

The right quality sets the tone of any product. Only if a high-quality product is used, then only we have the chances of getting a high-quality end product. We understand the need of procuring the best quality, tested material to make investment castings for valves. We have a team of experts that has carefully partnered with the best of vendors to get quality material to make the valves. The material used to make the valve castings have to fulfill certain standards. We make sure that we carefully research about the company before partnering with them to get the raw material. As, all the materials that we need from them for making valves have to be certified and they should meet the required guidelines.

When it comes to the material, we use high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous alloys to make castings for valves. Our team uses high-quality material as well as the best foundry practices to make castings for valves.

Certified and Standardized Investment Castings for Valves Industry

Valves castings are significant products that are used in several industries. They play a vital role; therefore, it is utmost important that the valve castings are strong and reliable. Also, valve castings need to have certain certifications in order to be used. We make sure that we have acquired all the required certifications that enable us to sell our valve castings to different industries. All the materials used to make the valve castings also meet all the required guidelines. Also, we have been following only standard procedures and processes to make the investment castings for valves industry.

Testing is an important part of the process as well and we make sure that we test our products as per the industry norms before selling them to the clients. We have specially trained testing team that follows the set standards to test the products before they reach the market. This ensures that only tested products, which are good to use reach the end user.

Special Focus on the Pricing

We have special focus on the pricing of the products too. We make sure that all the products are sold at competitive pricing, including the castings for valves. We decide the prices of any product, including the investment castings for valve components after carefully examining the market and the conditions.

A few uses of castings for valves

Valve castings are used in several industries that use a valve. Some of the industries where valve castings are used are oil & gas refineries, chemical plants, hydropower plants, mining, nuclear, agriculture, firefighting and many more. Apart from these industries also, there could be many places where valves and valve castings are used.

Additionally, we also offer customized services and products to our clients. If you have any specific requirements, please feel free to let us know. Our team will understand your specific requirements and offer appropriate solutions. If you would like to know more about valve castings or any other product that we manufacture, please feel free to contact us. Mangal Iron’s team will be more than happy to answer all your queries related to our products and services.